I'm Laurent Youmndingouetmoun (Youmi)

I grew up in the south of France in Aix-en-Provence. I have always loved travelling even though I did not travel much with my parents as a kid. But as soon as I was old enough to go by myself, that's when I took off.

I did internships overseas in Scotland (2002) and Australia (2006), went on short trips in Europe during my studies, then went back to Australia with a Working Holida Visa (2007) at the end of it. I worked in Senegal (2009) for 6 months, then did a trip around Europe (2009) by train for 30 days. Finally, again, back to Australia in Sydney (2011) to live there for 3 years including 1 year in the United States in Los Angeles.

Now, 12 years and 19 countries after it all started, is a good time for me to do this trip I have thought about for a very long time... YoumiTrip...


YoumiTrip is a project that has been on my mind for quiet a while before I decided to actually go for it. At first, it was just another one of those "bucket list" item of the dream trip I would like to do one day. Whenever I had time I would read books, travel guides, visit websites and blogs of other travelers.
Then my professional situation changed and it became more and more obvious that now was the perfect time to make this project real.